Abu Dhabi SMS Parking

    While it’s easy and well known to Abu Dhabi residents on how to pay for parking their vehicles in public parking spaces it can be quite challenging for residents of other Emirates to find the right parking formats and parking code to pay for their parking through SMS while visiting Abu Dhabi.

    Let’s try to decode this for you!

    Parking types in Abu Dhabi: Public parking in Abu Dhabi is managed by Mawaqif and they are divided into premium and standard parking spaces where premium parking lots are meant for highly busy locations and standard parking for less busy areas. You can differentiate between standard and premium parking with the color of the curbs. Premium parking spaces have white and turquoise curbs while standard parking spaces have black and turquoise curbs.

    Parking rate: It would cost you AED 3 per hour for parking at a premium parking while it costs AED 2 per hour to park at a standard parking. Once you identify the parking type by looking at the curbs you must send an SMS with a specific format to 3009. These formats vary for number plates of each emirate.

    The easy approach: Try using PAYPARK to create the SMS format for you. PAYPARK is a free parking app available on both iOS as well as Android. It takes the burden of remembering SMS short codes and creating SMS formats off users’ shoulders as it helps to generate the SMS codes for users based on the number plate and emirate information loaded on the app. PAYPARK generates the message and it directly opens up a pre-configured SMS with the SMS code and right format so users may just click on send to send the SMS. It’s that simple!

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