Why would you need a parking app to pay for parking in the UAE?
  • 12/14/2020 12:00:00 AM

Why would you need a parking app to pay for parking in the UAE?

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have both made it really easy for users to pay for their parking. You have multiple channels available to make a payment for your parking which includes mobile apps and SMS payment option.

From our survey or UAE residents, we found that 90% of the 850 drivers surveyed, preferred paying for their parking via SMS. It’s easy and convenient. However, one common challenge users experience, is the variety of parking formats available. If you were parking in Dubai with a Dubai number plate, that would be rather easier than paying for an Abu Dhabi number plate in Dubai. Also, the short code (SMS number) to which you would have to send an SMS is different in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In order to help avoid any confusion users may have we decided to launch an app, that would generate parking formats for you even if your number plate was from a different state. Did you know the format to park your vehicle with Sharjah registration in Dubai? If not, PayPark is the solution for you. All you would need to do, is to download the FREE PayPark UAE app available both on Play Store and App Store. You can easily add your vehicle number plate, select the state you want to park in and PayPark would generate the SMS format to respective short codes.

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