Dubai SMS Parking

    Paying for public parking (RTA parking) in Dubai may not seem easy for new users. RTA parking lots are divided into various zones where each zone is denoted by a three-digit number followed by a letter. For example - 318B. The letter in the zone refers to a specific area like commercial or residential and prices vary based on the letter in the code.

    SMS parking facility for Dubai is available for drivers using Du or Etisalat telecom providers. To pay for a parking in Dubai users must send an SMS with a predefined format including the car plate number, parking zone as well as the number of hours that the user intends to pay for the parking.

    The SMS must be sent to 7275 following which a payment confirmation is received confirming the payment receipt along with the duration of the parking. The user gets an intimation few minutes before the parking expires and can renew the parking by just typing a letter Y and sending an SMS to the same number.

    To help form the parking code we recommend users to download PAYPARK app which helps you to form the codes easily, so users don’t have to remember the codes as they vary for cars from emirate to emirate. The app also provides additional features like parking reminders, parking history and is also available in multiple languages. PAYPARK helps users navigate easily making their parking experience even better and simpler.

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