SMS Parking in Sharjah

    One of the biggest hassles you face if you would want to use the parking machines to pay for your parking are that you would have to use coins to pay for parking. Many of us do not carry cash anymore, let alone coins.

    While using public parking in Sharjah, many users are not aware that Sharjah Municipality also offers a flexible and convenient option to pay for parking via SMS. All you need to do is to send an SMS to a specific short code to obtain a virtual parking permit for your vehicle. Although the parking duration is limited to three hours, you can always send another SMS to extend the parking by one hour prior to expiry.

    In such cases, it is imperative to have an app like PAYPARK that would seamlessly create the SMS formats for you, configure the SMS short code and allow you to set custom reminders prior to expiry in order to avoid getting fined.

    The SMS parking service can be used as long as you have sufficient credit in your pre-paid mobile number provided by Du, Etisalat or Virgin mobile. For post paid mobile numbers, the SMS parking charges would be added to your bill for your monthly billing cycle.

    PAYPARK makes it easy to park your vehicle in Sharjah even if your number plate may be from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah or any other state.

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